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What’s bugging you IS my business!

What’s bugging you IS my business!

What’s bugging you IS my business!What’s bugging you IS my business!What’s bugging you IS my business!

Providing thorough, professional pest control. Serving Henry and surrounding counties. 


 Looking for a professional pest control company? I’m here to help. With over 24 years experience, Scram Pest Control Offers effective pest control with  "on time" professional, knowledgeable, effective and friendly service. I am one  owner and operator which eliminates multiple technicians in your home.  Licensed and insured. I offer a Service guarantee and referral program. Member of the CPCO of Ga.                                


🌺 My Story🐞

Hello, my name is Kimberly Cobb. I opened Scram Pest Control in 2003.  After working for a major pest control company for 7 years prior to  opening my business, I decided it was time to venture out and grab the  American dream. I absolutely love what I do and thank God everyday for  the ability to do my work. I wanted more than anything to offer my  customers not just a service but a quality service. Quality to me is  defined as not just an effective and professional service but courteous,  knowledgeable, prompt service. Its about working with the customer as a  team to design a plan to help keep insects out of their home. Educating  them. Not just doing their service, writing a ticket and leaving.  I  strive every day in making sure my customers know they can depend on me  to deliver the quality service that they deserve.   


About Scram:

Licensed and Insured, member of the CPCO of GA, and  over 24 years experience, Scram Pest Control provides professional pest control solutions at reasonable rates.  I offer prompt and effective pest control guaranteed.  If there is ever a problem in your home between visits, I come back at  no additional cost to you.  Time is taken at each visit to educate my  customers on prevention methods in addition to the pest control service  to help create a safe and pest free home. Follow up calls are to be expected after your service to insure your pest problem is resolved. Striving to always put my customers first, thats what quality service is all about! 

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I strive to be in constant communication with my customers. For estimates or questions on services, please contact me at your convenience. I look forward to Hearing from you soon!

Scram Pest Control

Locust Grove, Georgia.

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